Cassettes Today

Even though cassettes experience substantial decline in popularity because of the widespread use of the digital formats and industry press, they still provide entertainment and information to millions of people, even these days. The tape duplication industry is several decades old and over the years, a great number of tape duplicators and technical service companies have paved the way for a fruitful exchange of ideas and testing opportunities that ensured the product development.
Electro-Sound As the result of this constant search for improvement magnetic heads and other high-quality tape transporting components are now used in high speed and in-cassette duplicating. And while many aspects of the recording industry have experienced a drastic change, duplicating equipment has never been considered out of date and out of use. Many people are still using systems that were first designed and produced in the early 70's and even late 60's. In fact, a number of the early Gauss 1200's, Electro-Sound 4000 & 6000's, Liberty, and even Lang systems were initially created for 8-track but then have been modified to cassette and improved to higher duplication ratios and state-of-the-art electronics.


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